There is a lot of controversy throughout the United States regarding the complexities of the legalization of cannabis in every state of America. Most of the controversy is due to whether the different derivatives of cannabis, hemp versus marijuana, should both be nationally legalized for medicinal and recreational use.

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreation use is a big positive in the state of California. 1972 saw the first attempt to legalize cannabis by ballot in the United States of America.

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 was the motivating factor for California becoming the first state in the United States to officially legalize cannabis. California residents voted and there were enough votes to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act which resulted in the legalization of the recreational use of Cannabis.

People over the age of 21 have legal protection of Proposition 64 to possess and purchase one ounce or less of Cannabis. This includes being allowed to have up to six cannabis plants located on their private property as long as it’s not seen from outside the boundaries of the premises. Individuals are allowed to smoke and ingest it as well as advertise the sale of cannabis.

There are certain restrictions in the Californian law surrounding cannabis which includes the prohibition of smoking cannabis where cigarettes are disallowed. This also includes the restriction of the possession or use of cannabis near schools, creches, or youth centers.

One other restriction, amongst many others, is not being allowed to use cannabis while driving or occupying a vehicle.

Despite the very welcomed legalization of cannabis in the state of California, always ensure you abide by the laws of cannabis use in and around the state. All in all, practice the recreational use of cannabis responsibly.

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